Team Icewave is three people and a HUGE support network of partners, friends and family.


Marc DeVidts

Team Leader. A BattleBots veteran since high school, Marc is a Maker’s Maker, versed in mechanical, electrical and software engineering.  His time outside Icewave is spent as co-founder and CTO of Double Robotics, Inc.


Angie Bamblett

Mechanical Designer. A mechanical engineer, Angie is the Battlebots rookie of the team. She’s designed and built MANY things, but never a fighting robot. When she’s not neck-deep in CAD and calculations for Icewave, she works as a product designer for Double Robotics, Inc.


Andrew Adams

Production Specialist. Andrew’s robot fighting experience comes from FIRST tournaments in high school, where he liked to use strategy as much as steel to win. When he’s not working on Icewave, he’s a support project manager for Double Robotics, Inc.


Icewave's vital statistics.


Weapon driven by a 2-stroke internal combustion engine from a Partner fireman’s saw. 15 HP.


1″ thick aircraft-grade aluminum body armor. Engine armor is 1/8″ thick aluminum with two full-body support braces.


54″ long hardened S7 steel blade. 47 pounds. Spinning at about 300MPH at the tips.


Two 6-cell 5000 mAh Lithium Polymer batteries wired in parallel. 600 amps continuous current, 1200 amps peak.


Two Magmotor electric motors. Peak torque of 1700 oz-in. 4000 RPM max.


Hinged weldment of 4130 steel plates, 3/8″ thick.  Case hardened and tuneable to be floor-scraping.


  • My robot's on fire!

BattleBots Season 2 Promo

February 23, 2016
… because HYPE is half the fun. (Explosions, deafening roars, and screaming metal comprise the...


Team Icewave shared Team Nightmare Combat Robots - BattleBots's Disney XD BattleBots commercial.

Team Nightmare Combat Robots - BattleBots
Heard this through the grapevine... Disney XD is going to be re-showing all of BattleBots 2015.
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Can’t wait until June 23 for Season 2 of BattleBots? To tide you over, Disney XD will be showing ALL of Season 1 NEXT WEEK, starting Monday May 23, with a 2-hour premiere.

Team Icewave shared BattleBots's video.

Be there or be square.
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Hope everyone enjoyed last night's preview episode. Join us again on June 23rd 8|7c for the 2-hour Season 2 premiere on ABC!

This is where metal, heat and art meet. Meet the craftsman, Lon Damon from Lincoln Electric. ... See MoreSee Less

This is where metal, heat and art meet. Meet the craftsman, Lon Damon from Lincoln Electric.

Team Icewave shared BattleBots's BattleBots Season 2 Super Tease.

Tonight at 10pm E/P on ABC. Don't miss it!
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60 robots from around world will face off in the ultimate robot fighting championship. Tune in May 10th for a sneak preview (10pm | 9pm central on ABC), and the full, 10-week summer season starts June 23 (8pm | 7pm central on ABC).

Team Icewave shared BattleBots's photo.

This is a fun chance to get in on the action from home. Check out the web site for details!
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Send Us Your Reaction Videos! Bot Fans - Want to be on the premiere episode of BattleBots Season 2? Then watch our Teaser Special, “BattleBots, The Gears Awaken” tomorrow - Tuesday, May 10th at 10PM on ABC, and record your epic reactions videos. Send us those videos and they might be used in the opening for Season 2’s first episode airing on Thursday, June 23rd! Full instruction here:

This is a fun chance to get in on the action from home. Check out the web site for details!


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