Marc DeVidts

Team Leader. A BattleBots veteran since high school, Marc is a Maker’s Maker, versed in mechanical, electrical and software engineering.  His time outside Icewave is spent as co-founder and CTO of Double Robotics, Inc.


Angie Bamblett

Mechanical Designer. A mechanical engineer, Angie is the Battlebots rookie of the team. She’s designed and built MANY things, but Icewave 2015 was her first fighting robot. When she’s not neck-deep in CAD and calculations for Icewave, she works as a product designer for Double Robotics, Inc.


Andrew Adams

Production Specialist. Andrew’s robot fighting experience comes from FIRST tournaments in high school, where he liked to use strategy as much as steel to win. He’s the team all-rounder with a tool ready for any need.


Hector Saldana

Machining Specialist. Hector is a mechanical engineer who was involved in the early design of 2015 Icewave, though he wasn’t in the Tournament. His passion for the machine shop led him to return in a part-time role on 2016 Team Icewave, where he helped with tasks specifically related to CNC machining and fabrication.


Alex Rosas

Team Handyman. Alex is a production technician at Double Robotics who was an invaluable extra pair of hands during the 2016 Icewave build. He helped out with any kind of task, from bolt-tightening to rewiring to careful application of foam.


Icewave's vital statistics.


Weapon driven by a 2-stroke internal combustion engine from a Partner fireman’s saw. 15 HP.


1″ thick aircraft-grade aluminum body armor. Engine armor is 1/8″ thick aluminum with two full-body support braces.


54″ long hardened S7 steel blade. 47 pounds. Spinning at about 300MPH at the tips.


Two 6-cell 5000 mAh Lithium Polymer batteries wired in parallel. 600 amps continuous current, 1200 amps peak.


Two Magmotor electric motors. Peak torque of 1700 oz-in. 4000 RPM max.


Hinged weldment of 4130 steel plates, 3/8″ thick.  Case hardened and tuneable to be floor-scraping.


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Team Icewave shared BattleBots's post.

Finally the moment we've all been waiting for! Our full fight against Team Hammertime / Teamxd SubZero is now up on YouTube. We thought this fight was exciting because it not only showed off the sheer power of Icewave's blade, but also that our drive train could handle pushing around another robot for a full 3 minutes.

Big thanks to our sponsors for helping make Icewave so awesome this year: Double Robotics, SonicWords, Inc., VEX Robotics, SolidWorks
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You want the full fights! You got 'em! Next up Icewave vs. SubZero, one of the highlighted fights from the Qualifying Round. Please note this fight contains unmixed arena audio only. Enjoy. #BattleBots

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Jonathan HavachiTeam Icewave what happened to your spinner motor in this fight? What improvements were made after this match to prevent that from happening again?

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Tara MurphyCan't wait to see icewave vs nightmare on Thursday!

24 hours ago   ·  2

Parker BartonIcewave is amazing like Tombstone.

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Team Icewave shared HyperShock's post.

Uh-oh. Better hurry on over. They started without you!
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ATTENTION INTERNET: We and Witch Doctor - BattleBot will be hosting another Live BattleBots After Show @9PM Eastern (6PM for you West Coast folk) at twitch.tv/battlebots! If you missed any of last night's episode, come join us and we'll get you caught up! If technology permits, tonight's special guest will be Terry Ewert, Captain of Son Of Team Whyachi Robotics (Son Of Whyachi) to tell us about their fight against Poison Arrow - BattleBot! Do you have a question about BattleBots on ABC? Join us tonight and we'll answer fan questions live! We promise no political figures, elected or otherwise, will postpone or interrupt our show. #BattleBots #TaleOfTheTape #AfterShow #MakeBattleBotsGreatAgain

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What detailed LEGO models of our favorite frenemies! Nice work. #LEGOIcewave
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What detailed LEGO models of our favorite frenemies! Nice work. #LEGOIcewave

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Paul GrataThese are awesome

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